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GitHub code search engine blackbird
Database, Distributed Systems, Real World Architecture, System Design

System Design Case Study #2: How GitHub Indexes Code For Blazing Fast Search & Retrieval

GitHub coded their search engine from scratch in Rust called Project Blackbird because existing off-the-shelf solutions didn’t fit their requirements at the scale they were operating. The engine supports features like searching with identifiers, punctuations, substrings, regular expressions, wildcards, etc., which are specific to code...
shared nothing architecture
Cloud, Database, Distributed Systems, System Design

Parallel Processing: How Modern Cloud Servers Leverage Different System Architectures to Optimize Parallel Compute

Modern cloud servers leverage several system architectures to process data parallelly, which increases throughput, minimizes latency and optimizes resource consumption. In this article, I’ll discuss those system architectures and we’ll get an insight into how distributed services leverage these architectures to scale.  With that being said....