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Parallel Processing: How Modern Cloud Servers Leverage Different System Architectures to Optimize Parallel Compute

Modern cloud servers leverage several system architectures to process data parallelly, which increases throughput, minimizes latency and optimizes resource consumption. In this article, I’ll discuss those system architectures and we’ll get an insight into how distributed services leverage these architectures to scale.  With that being said....
Auto scaling in the cloud scaleyourapp.com

Understanding Workload and its Types in the Cloud

This write-up is an insight into cloud workloads. It addresses questions such as What are they? What does a workload mean in the cloud computing space? How are they classified? How many types of workloads are there? and so on. So, without further ado.Let’s jump...
scaleyourapp.com Grafana Prometheus cAdvisor Architecture dashboard monitoring

What is cAdvisor? How Does it Work? Explained

This article is an insight into cAdvisor – an open-source tool for running performance analysis and collecting usage data from the containers. In addition to discussing its features, I’ll also share a bit of my industry experience with the tool. So, without further ado.Let’s get...