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facebook haystack photo storage min
Distributed Systems

Facebook’s photo storage architecture

Facebook built Haystack, an object storage system designed for storing photos on a large scale. The platform stores over 260 billion images which amounts to over 20 petabytes of data. One billion new photos are uploaded each week which is approx—60 terabytes of data. At…

client server in a distributed file system
Distributed Systems

Network file system – A deep dive

A network file system is a distributed file system protocol; an open protocol that specifies message formats regarding how a client and a server should communicate in a distributed environment.  NFS being an open protocol enables third parties to write their own implementations of it….

tired of learning new technology
Career & Learning

The Technology Upskill Mess For Application Developers

It’s been a few years since Oliver kicked off his career, as a full-stack Java developer, in this BigCorp. Inc. He learned quite a bit, primarily working on the backend: writing features, plumbing APIs, debugging code, fixing bugs, DENTTAL (Documentation, Exception Handling, Null pointers, Time complexity, Test coverage, Analysis of code…